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Turn back the hands of time.

The facelift is widely thought of as the most successful way to turn back the hands of time on the face.

When it comes to surgical facial rejuvenation procedures, the facelift has come a long way in recent years. Considered the original ‘modern’ cosmetic surgical procedure, the facelift (rhytidectomy) is widely thought of as the most successful way to turn back the hands of time on the face. Lines and wrinkles, and sagging skin eg: jowls, can all be improved, resulting in a natural-looking and a more youthful appearance.

If your worries can’t be soothed with anti-ageing injectables like muscle relaxing injections or dermal fillers anymore, then you may well be a suitable candidate for facelift surgery. Universally popular with men and women, the facelift can provide a much-needed confidence boost for patients, and offers results that last years longer than any less invasive options.

Depending on the main concern of the patient there are several techniques ranging in complexity for how the face should be performed on. Each type of facelift technique offers slightly different results, and you will need to book a full consultation to find which one is most suitable for your problem areas as various factors need to be taken into consideration eg patient’s wishes and expectations and also the specific individual anatomy.


Facelift surgery by Mr Ahmed is performed under general anaesthetic and usually requires an overnight stay in hospital.

The incision usually involves the hairline area in front of the ears and then extends in front and behind the ear and then reaching the hair behind the ear. Mr Ahmed is meticulous in the placement of these incisions so that the end scar is well hidden. Following this, the structures deep to the skin eg fat and muscle are repositioned and then the skin is redraped with excess skin excised before it is stitched in place. A facelift bandage is applied. The stitches are typically removed days 7-10 later. There will be soft tissue swelling and bruising and discomfort but these usually resolve after a few weeks. Normal activities can usually be resumed after a few weeks. It is important to remember that the healing process can take several months to see the final ‘end result’. Mr Ahmed will also advise about daily activities and aftercare.

“I’m very, very happy with the results of my facial surgery. Mr Ahmed was a caring and considerate surgeon, and when I first met him he put me totally at ease; he took all the fear away. Everyone tells me how natural the results are, I couldn’t be more thrilled. I would recommend him highly.”


Upper blepharoplasty and facelift surgery

The facelift – in all its different guises – can offer remarkable results in the hands of a skilled surgeon, however, it is a serious surgical procedure and you must have a thorough consultation to determine if this is the right type of treatment for your needs - and also which technique would be most suitable. If you’re considering a facelift –– it is vital you book a consultation. During your one-to-one you will be able to ask any questions you may have and get a full treatment breakdown prior to making your decision.

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Meet and discuss with Mr Ahmed your requirements, he'll provide you with a tailored plan for your procedure.

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Undergo your procedure with support from Mr Ahmed and his staff.

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A bespoke recovery plan will be set in place to ensure you receive the best results from your procedure.

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Mr Ahmed has trained as an ENT Surgeon with subsequent Fellowship training in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in America and Europe.

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