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Popular with both men and women

There are few surgical cosmetic procedures in the world more well-known than rhinoplasty. Known to many simply as the ‘nose job’, rhinoplasty surgery involves reshaping the nose to create a more agreeable aesthetic result for you and also that you are less self-conscious about your nose.

While nose reshaping is often thought of solely as a cosmetic procedure to remove a bump on the bridge of the nose, to reduce a bulbous nose tip, or change the size of the nose, it is also sometimes used to ease breathing problems.

Popular with both men and women - and all ages – rhinoplasty surgery continues to be one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures in the UK today. Techniques have advanced greatly in the last decade, and a rhinoplasty can also be combined with other forms of facial surgery (such as blepharoplasty, or chin augmentation) depending on the underlying cause for a patient’s concern.

There are also non-surgical nose reshaping treatments available, and Mr Ahmed is highly-skilled in delivering both forms of nose reshaping.

In regards to surgery, there are several techniques in performing the nose job, and because surgical rhinoplasty is a reasonably invasive procedure, it is still usually performed under general anaesthetic. The two main forms of rhinoplasty surgery are commonly referred to as open and closed; which you’re offered is often based on the concern you wish to correct, as well as healing time.

“I went for a consultation with Mr Ahmed for Rhinoplasty and he has been exceptional from the first time I met him. He initially asked me to talk him through my concerns and reasons for wanting surgery and then he carried out a thorough observation of my nose. Mr Ahmed told me exactly what he could do for me and what was realistic in terms of the outcome. He asked me to wait before making a decision, get another opinion if I wanted to and come back for a second consultation before booking the surgery. I was so impressed by his professionalism and knowledge I decided I was confident enough in Mr Ahmed and his specialist experience in Rhinoplasty and booked my surgery in my second consultation. I could not be happier with my results, my nose looks completely natural and suits my face so well, the outcome was even better than I expected. I would highly recommend Mr Ahmed to anyone debating Rhinoplasty.”




“I would recommend Mr Ahmed at Park Hill Hospital to absolutely everybody. I could not have been more pleased about my whole experience with rhinoplasty. Mr Ahmed carefully listens to your wishes and he created results beyond my expectations. He took into account every detail. My nose looks amazing, I feel so confident and content. There is absolutely nothing that I could fault about my experience, I’m so happy with my choice of surgeon. Thank you so much!”



Open Rhinoplasty

The ‘open’ rhinoplasty involves an incision made in the columella – the column which connects the two nostrils, known as the columella. This is the preferred technique for most surgeons, as it makes it much easier for them to see what they are doing but is usually used for more extensive cases. Mr Ahmed will explain the procedure in more detail during your consultation.


“All I told him was that I wanted ‘a nice small nose’. He gave me that and so much more, I now have an absolutely perfect nose which has totally changed my life.”



Closed Rhinoplasty

A ‘closed’ rhinoplasty is essentially the same as an open rhinoplasty, except the nasal work is conducted via the nostril, making it more suitable for simpler cases requiring less work.

Both types of rhinoplasty surgery have merit and you will need to meet with Mr Ahmed to find out which procedure is more suited to your needs. If you are considering a nose job, then booking your consultation will ensure that you get the procedure which suits you best and give you the results you desire. Healing time varies from patient to patient, but you will need to take some time off work to recover, and to allow the bruising to subside.

Rhinoplasty surgery has come a long way in the last 10 years, and techniques have improved ensuring results are natural. Mr Ahmed is passionate about nose reshaping surgery, and has extensive training in performing this type of facial surgery. His eye for detail is second to none, and having performed thousands of nose reshaping procedures over the years, you can be sure you’re putting your surgery in the best hands.

If you would like to learn more about nose reshaping procedures, book a consultation with Mr Ahmed today to discuss your options and get a tailored treatment plan.

“Choosing Mr Ahmed for my rhinoplasty was the best decision I made. He was extremely professional and friendly throughout, from the initial consultation right down to discussions of post-operative care. I found the whole process with him simple and stress free.”



“I am very pleased with the outcome of my open rhinoplasty with mr Ahmed. I have been wanting this done for many many years so it was a huge deal. My nose now looks perfect whilst still keeping natural. He listened to every point which I wanted to change, and delivered on all in surgery.”


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Meet and discuss with Mr Ahmed your requirements, he'll provide you with a tailored plan for your procedure.

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Undergo your procedure with support from Mr Ahmed and his staff.

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A bespoke recovery plan will be set in place to ensure you receive the best results from your procedure.

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Mr Ahmed has trained as an ENT Surgeon with subsequent Fellowship training in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in America and Europe.

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